EXPO 2017 Astana

The opening ceremony was attended by presidents and heads of government of about 20 countries, including Vladimir Putin, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

  • We have held more than 3000 events in the context of EXPO 2017
  • We have taken over all the technical consulting on EXPO 2017
  • We provided all the technical staff
  • We have purchased and rented all the necessary for the equipment to be built
  • We have compiled a calendar of EXPO 2017 events
  • We have developed a detailed program of cultural and entertainment events

The Amphitheater is the Central object of the exhibition which includes an entertainment area, a green-park area, exhibitions, a covered stage and an open space for up to 6 thousand people. That was the very place where were concerts of world-famous stars and shows have been held.

Grand stage complex with a size of 117 x 60 meters have been erected by our technicians for the implementation of all the events.

The roof of EXPO 2017 was designed taking into account the increased wind loads, it can withstand gusts up to 28 m/s which is particular important in the complicated climatic conditions of Astana.

At the installation process, we used ballast in the form of concrete blocks weighing about 300 tons.

The stage was equipped with wide aisles with ramps for large stage props and scenery delivery. Also large spacious dressing rooms for hundreds of artists have been designed.

We have solved a difficult task connected with the sound of outdoor events by the means of installing additional equipment such as stage monitors and speakers. At first sight it would be difficult to distribute the sound perfectly on the site due to the asymmetrical shape of the scene. But we managed to do it and provide the audience with excellent audibility at any point of the stage.

Main features of the project:

  • stage complex 117 x 60 m
  • unique roof system
  • complicated stage machinery
  • 600 lighting devices
  • 180 kW of sound
  • construction for led screens with a total area of 1200 sq. m
  • 5 km of cable for temporary power grids
  • adjustable suspension systems
  • 2 stands with a total capacity of 4,000 seats
  • covered VIP-tribune for 308 seats
  • VIP podium with 260 seats
  • more than 8 km of mobile fencing.

EXPO 2017 Astana

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