The test for determining the quality of a logo by Paul Rand ⠀

Paul Rand – legend of graphic design. Many people know his work: #logo of IBM, UPS delivery service, ABC TV channel, English First school, etc. Rand linked the work of a graphic designer with business, turned it into a powerful business tool, removing the status of a modest design.

The real test of a logo by Paul Rand that we evaluate the quality of the logo through the prism of the above characteristics.

The order is this:

  1. Logo unique?
  2. It is noticeable?
  3. Flexible to use?
  4. Memorable?
  5. Universal?
  6. He was out of time?
  7. If you said “Yes ” to the previous points, answer the last question: is it simple?

    For each question except the last one put down a score from 1 to 10. According to the last criterion — simplicity — put a score from 1 to 15. This is how we distribute the logo quality criteria by weight. 75 points is the maximum score, and if the logo scored less than 60, the test is failed.

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The order is this:

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